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Face to Face Bulgaria
Face to Face Bulgaria
Face to Face International is an international campaign to give voice to the millions of women denied basic women’s rights and freedoms. The goal of Face to Face is to increase global awareness that women’s rights are human rights and should be considered with tolerance and respect.

The mission of Face to Face Bulgaria is to fight against, prevent and reduce the cases of child and forced prostitution in Bulgaria and outside its borders via developing numerous projects and programs. Face to Face Bulgaria understands the importance of educating and informing under-aged girls who are the main target group of the pimps. We believe no girl deserves such experience to enter the world of grown-ups.

Face to Face Bulgaria works mainly in direction of prevention; works actively among the potential victims of child and forced prostitution. Vulnerable groups include all girls who because of their innocence, ignorance, credibility, regular psychical attacks or impasse fall into pimps hands, are forced into human traffic and are forced into prostitution. Vistims are usually involved by being deceived, kidnapped of physically abused.

The poor economy of a country is the main factor that makes these girls potential victims. They are trying to run away from poverty and to have a better future for them and for their families by accepting shady offers from unknown people and agencies. Once they choose this road, they rarely escape from this trap alive. It is proven that girls from orphanages and small towns and villages are most vulnerable because of uneducation and desire for quick earnings.

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