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What we do...
Face to Face Bulgaria is working against forced prostitution mainly among potential victims – preventing young girls becoming sex slaves. This group includes all girls who are forced because of their innocence, ignorance, credibility or regular physical and psychical attacks. The facts show that the victims of forced prostitution are girls between the age of 12 and 18. Statistics show that every girl-child has around 2000 clients per year.

To complete its mission, Face to Face Bulgaria works:
with girls from orphanages explaining to them what the dangers of working abroad are, what traps pimps set
for building tolerant and understanding society attitude to the problems of children forced to prostitute
for free access of children from orphanages to educational programs and specialized courses relevant to the problem

    Face to Face Bulgaria develops programs and projects oriented to potential victims of child and forced prostitution. Attention is directed to informing and educating children in the vulnerable groups. Creating trust, Face to Face team builds friendly relationship with children, communication is constant. This is a way for children to feel at ease and share their problems, fears and desires.

    Face to Face efforts are directed in a number of fields:

    organizing discussions and lectures with children from vulnerable groups about forced prostitution and the ways to protect themselves and their friends
    creating educational programs for orphans to obtain new skills in order easier adaptation and realization in society
    launching projects and campaigns that inform society what reality related to child prostitution is
    making statistic researches showing the shocking truth about prostitution and human traffic
    charity campaigns for the orphanages Face to Face work with
    initiating charity events for supporting and development of the organization

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